Office Clearances


What to do with your old furniture & Equipment? - BC Interiors has the answer. Having many years in the second hand office furniture market we can find a solution that works for you. As long as you empty office has furniture in place, you are still liable for rent and rates. Any furniture older than 5 years is mainly a problem. Originally the furniture was designed for much larger computer and office equipment and in today's office it has very little use, as space is at a premium. More often than not colours and finishes are dated. Where we can, if time is not a factor, we will advertise and using our trade contacts, dispose of the furniture through retail outlets and private companies or individuals. If at all possible will try and liquidate these assets.

about-1On many occasions the company's staff are interested in the furniture, the main problem is getting it distributed. We can arrange distribution and deliveries. Give the furniture away to the staff and get the staff to pay for the deliveries. This will save on the cost of disposal.

Charities are another way of putting redundant furniture to good use. Through a number ways, we can approach charities of all sizes on the client's behalf, although some can be fussy, many will jump at the chance to furnish and upgrade their equipment.

Worse case is to remove and dispose of the furniture and equipment. Much of the furniture consists of laminate, wood, steel and aluminium, with a small proportion of plastic, in most cases. BC Interiors strips this down to it components and arrange for it to be taken to the relevant recycling plants. Even machines are striped and taken to metal recycle plants.

A major problem is redundant documentation, there is no point in moving paperwork that will never be reference again, however, it might contain sensitive information, we have an onsite shredding service along with a secure bag disposal, either way clients can relax in the knowledge that this will be remove and destroyed properly. Anything taken away will be issued with a destruction certificate. Finally what to do with the remains of the data and power? Qualified electricians will isolate all power, along with the data, this can be remove or tucked under raised access floor, or taken back to the supply. Premises will be left clean and tidy.

Whatever the situation, BC Interiors has and will find a solution to the problem, the last thing you want to do is pay the next quarters rent!