Decoration and wallpaper


Technology and new digital techniques mean that any image can be printed onto a wallpaper and hung anywhere. Incorporating company logos or just to create interest in receptions , breakout areas, there are really no limits to its use, without braking the bank.


Raised access flooring is one of the mainstays of commercial offices. Many building do not have the infrastructure to accommodate the demands and services of a modern office. Along with a suspended ceiling, raised access flooring can offer a good solution to the problem. It also allows ease of reorganising your office, moving floor boxes incorporated in the tile to accommodate new layouts and office changes. The flooring system is robust enough to allow construction of partition on it and once again allows service to be easily run into the new partitions.

about-1Add vibrant colours to your reception or office, and be remembered. Strong stylish designs, that leaves a good impression. Our decorating team are well established with over 30 years of experience, having to put up with our designs they understand the BC Interiors ideals in providing clients with a finish to be proud of. Our ability to make good any surface for paint or paper finish means you get a clean look to any room. Vinyl wallcoverings are built to last, minimising the need for frequent replacement. They are lightfast, washable and scrubbable, providing a cost-effective, long-term solution. All our vinyl wallcoverings conform to UK, and/or European fire safety regulations, and contain antimicrobials to guard against mildew and mould growth.

All our manufacturing suppliers share our goals, whilst promoting best environmental practices. We actively encourage energy efficient manufacturing, recycling, and research and development of products, thereby ensuring our customers have a broad range of products which meet their design requirements but their environmental demands too. Our main supplier has developed an alternative to vinyl which is made from a combination of natural and manmade fibres, these include 30% post-consumer recycled content. All have the same properties as vinyl without compromising design .