Office Lighting Design and Installation


BC Interiors have experience in providing all types of traditional and contemporary designs of office lighting. We design and install office lighting systems throughout the commercial sector, offering our expertise to help design lighting to create ambiance, mood and a positive working environment in your offices. Lighting can help to create mood and ambiance and is a very important element when designing any office space. It is essential that desks are well lit and that client entrance areas appear warm and welcoming. It is also important when creating a professional working environment that office lighting complements the existing fixtures, fittings and style of building.

As with all of our electrical contracting services, our office lighting team are specialists and our office lighting services are completed to the highest of standards and are fully tested for safety before our electrical engineers sign the project off. New Lighting systems pay for themselves! Technology in lighting has evolved to the point that most lighting systems use only one third of the power. New low emission tubes prevent eye strain as they do not flicker. Using less power, the tubes are lasting much longer. Indirect lighting units that reflect the light of walls and ceiling which cuts down on computer screen glare. The light emitted from these lamps can simulate natural daylight, which means the contrast from office to outside is reduced, and keeps staff more alert and productive. Sensors fitted in the ceiling mean that lighting will turn of automatically. These units register movement and will keep the lights on in a particular area and shut down after 15-20mins.