BC Interiors offer a wide range of trades to cover the day to day maintenance required by commercial Facilities Managers. Our contractors offer us good value for money being able to respond quickly to demands. Architectural ironmongery works, and stone masonry are a common requirements, with some work having to meet with English Heritage standards.

Joinery locksmith

about-1Our in house joiner has experience in putting right what's gone wrong. Damage to stairs, doors, locks and furniture can be put right in a short space of time without jeopardising Health & Safety or Security. We offer the services of a French polisher to make good those marks to that centre piece furniture or essential boardroom table.


Chairs, Desks, Filing cabinets , are in use 7-10 hours a day, a dysfunctional chair or a cabinets jams, and you lose staff and productivity. Having a warehouse full of spare furniture parts and our experience in the office furniture industry means we can soon find a solution quickly and effectively. BC Interiors can source many products and get them repaired or reupholstered. Worn carpet or floor covering, not only does it not look good, it can be a trip hazard, and in this day and age of "blame culture" it can be a problem waiting to happen. BC Interiors can resolve a problem quickly to prevent any escalation, and in a short space of time fully repair or replace as required.

Air Conditioning

BC Interiors has provided air con systems into computer rooms and office over the years, and we offer a simple cost effective programme of maintenance that keeps these essential systems working. Many people do not realise that the modern day airconditioning unit can provide heating as well as cooling, for very little additional expense. For computer rooms there are larger downdraft machines which direct the cooling flow into raised access floors and into the computer racks from below. These give a more effective way of cooling large amounts of servers etc. No matter what the size of contract, we will design, install and then maintain your system with the minimum of fuss.

Driven by latest technology

At BC Interiors we strive to continually meet the increasing demands of our clients, our contractors always give the best recommendations for latest systems. Using inverter technology our systems produce just the right amount of output to match the exact requirement of any building. These systems work so efficiently that they don't waste valuable energy by over-heating or over-cooling, resulting in greatly reduced running costs. Alternative systems that may appear cheaper, can often cost substantially more to run, making us the most cost effective choice all round.

Protecting the environment

As scientific evidence points to man-made chemicals for the damage caused to the ozone layer, we only use chlorine-free refrigerants that are safe and have "zero ozone depletion potential". Accordingly, as our systems require less energy to run, they have significantly lower indirect global warming potential too. In short, our constant investment and produce development enables us to provide the most efficient equipment possible, whilst protecting the environment at the same time.