Relocatable / Dismountable Partitioning Essential service for most offices BC Interiors, offer a wide range of partitioning systems. These cover all the demands of a modern office conforming to fire regulation, and sound attenuation. BC Interiors offer a range of re-locatable partitioning systems and complimentary products, a diverse choice of performance solutions for fitting out the internal envelope in a wide range of interior environments.

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about-1The range includes fully glazed partitioning with silicone or dry joints and demountable partition systems. A range of glass doors, double glazed doors and wood veneer doors integrate with these partitioning systems. Architectural glass and glazing services compliment this diverse range for both the public and private sector. Frameless glazed systems allow natural light to filter through offices and give a lighter feel to an environment. Company logos and manifestation can brand the interior and offer a certain amount of privacy. Framed glazed systems are available in single or double glazed, and have the option of being fitted with integral blinds available in a wide range of finishes and colours.