Relocation - Moving Your Business


One of the few events that may be more stressful than a residential move is a commercial move. Most people are totally unfamiliar with how to prepare for a commercial move; the process can be quite overwhelming. In most cases it's advisable to interview several moving companies that specialize in corporate moves. Either way, here is some valuable advice you can use when planning your company's move.

Re-organisation, restacking, churn

There are few medium to large sized offices that do not need to alter or change , adapting to new business. Companies can't move a desk without it having an effect on power , data, carpeting and the general layout. BC Interiors can make it fit. Providing free CAD design and a one stop shop, electricians, carpet fitters and porters, to make it all happen in time. We are used to working out of office hours to make it happen without affecting the business. Health & Safety gone mad, has to be considered and managed properly, providing correct method statements and risk assessments, tailored to each specific project.

Start with a plan

The key to any move is to plan. The major goal in a corporate move is to be as time-efficient and as cost-efficient as possible. To increase efficiency, have a complete knowledge of what your new corporate location will look like.

Create a floor plan.

Map out exactly where the furniture and equipment will be placed and where your workers will be stationed. After you have created your map, place a copy of it at the entrance of your office and on every floor. It may seem to be a tedious task, especially if you're moving into a number of floors, high up above, but this will save you a considerable amount of time, money and headaches in the long run. Such organization will keep the workers happier and more productive if they are able to continue business as usual.


about-1Inform all parties- employees, landlords, and movers, of every detail of the relocation process. It is important thatColour coded packing Labels you don't keep them in the dark. Be sure to diplomatically notify your mover of where each piece of furniture needs to be placed. It may be a good idea to place colour-coded packing labels on each piece that needs to be moved; the labels could serve as a sign as to where each object belongs. Labelling is a key part of moving offices that is often overlooked. Be sure to label all equipment and furniture that is being moved. The label should be placed prominently on the package and should immediately and easily inform the mover of exactly where the package is to be moved.

Relocating IT

about-1As technology develops and changes at increasingly rapid rates,Packing Crate the process for moving certain devices become more intricate. Certain technological devices may require special attention. If you are renting your equipment, be sure to notify your supplier; failure to do so may result in a nullification of your rental agreement. Computers -- Disconnection and dismantling services may be required. Photocopiers - Empty all liquids remove extensions that may jut out and create difficulties. Vending Machines - Empty all items.

Don't Move Your Rubbish; Recycle

In order to facilitate the move for all parties involved be sure to dispose of as much unnecessary paperwork and equipment as possible. BC Interiors can supply commercial mobile shredding facilities to protect any data disposal. All other waste will be taken to recycle processing plants or removed by licensed waste carriers.

Attention to Detail

The most obvious things are also among the most overlooked. Here's a simple checklist:
Have a set of spare keys available.
Make sure that your communication technology is ready to go- Internet connection, working phones and fax.
Check the electricity, as it will be quite hard to work in the dark.
Are the restrooms functional? Believe it or not, this is will be important.
Are there any outstanding obligations that you may have in regards to your old office space?
Change your company stationery and business cards. You'll need to revise them with your new address and phone number, available for employees and customers alike.
Give us the problem BC Interiors can make it happen; 'On time and within budget'.
We can minimise your company's down time.