Storage - The paperless office is not quite there yet


Storage within the office environment is essential and is mostly one of the last items to be considered when planning interiors. The paperless office is not quite there yet! With the cost of space being so critical, storage is going higher. It does not cost you anymore to put a 2.2m high cupboard unit on the floor as it does a 1m. Capacity is increased by 120% at no more cost to the tenant or owner. Apparently according to surveys only 20 % of company’s storage is required to be accessed most of the time!

Breakout breakfast bar with integral lighting and kitchen.

Lateral filing systems; units are the most efficient way of saving space. One 2.2m high 1m wide cupboard can hold the equivalent of just over three 4 drw filing cabinets, taking up 40% less sqm. The benefit of lateral systems is that they are systems, various storage facilities can be fitted to the one unit. The days of drab dreary colours are all but gone. Many colour and textured finishes are available at very little additional expense, helping your office look and feel a better place to work.

Personal storage solutions are essential to give staff a sense of defining their own space and allowing day to day access to personal effect and current files. Well thought out, personal, local desk storage is a key to being able to maintain clear desk policies. There is general leaning to mobile personal storage allowing the trend of 'Hot Desking' . No one has to sit at the same workstation every day, with technology now days any phone or computer can be yours. Systems mean that you desk top is held on a server, so it does not matter where you are you can access your work place from anywhere. New storage systems has taken this into account being taller and offering a variety of facilities which can be tailored to the individual user.